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Webcam As Home Security Device

There are so many camera in the city like in parking area, hotels, hospitals, schools, garden, malls etc to protect us. But do you think so having so many camera in the city can help you to save yourself, No not at all. What if you are at your home and some problem arises. So if you want to be safe not only in the city, cameras should be there in your home also. That’s why today we are going to give you knowledge about the best 10 webcam that can be used at your home to keep monitor at your home premises.

Top 10 Home Security Device

In this topic will give you entire information about the top 10 home security device. This application helps you to make a look over your home, that means you can view your kitchen, living room, garden area or main entry to make yourself protect from thefts and accident.

1. Webcam Monitor

First home security device is WebCam Monitor, that keeps watch over your home, office, or any location.  This webcam software detects motion or noise, and triggers alerts that can record video and audio of the incident. You are informed about the accident as these device notify you by e-mail or text message, or sound an audible alarm.  It can also begin recording at pre-set intervals to maintain a record of events. You can download it from this provided link.

2. EvoCam

EvoCam, is the program you are looking for a better control on your Mac’s webcam. EvoCam for Mac offers a free trial version with a 15-day usage limit and full version is available at the costs $30 to unlock. EvoCam comes with a number of filters to spice up your videos and you can choose whether to include or not the audio. EvoCam features motion sensor recording, so that the app only records when the webcam identifies movements. You can download this app from here. So just download and enjoy the best home security device for your premises.

3. Crime Catcher

Crime Catcher is one of the best home security device that promise you to do everything you want and very easily. It not only offers user friendly interface, but also support for any webcam connected to your system. It has a  advanced motion detection tool that can automatically start its recording whenever motion is detected by the cam. Main feature include e-mail notifications, FTP images, image uploading at every x seconds, and playing sounds. You can grab this application very easily from here.

4. HomeCamera

HomeCamera, is one of the best home security device web cam, as its name says everything. Use HomeCamera for your safety, to monitor the kids, the baby, your pet and anything you like. HomeCamera has a auto-record feature, that helps you to take snapshots or videos all through the day and store them on the server for anytime and anywhere. Just download it for free.

5. JaxCam

JaxCam application is both an advanced and multiple-channel media player that monitor events over the Internet. It enables you to manage almost unlimited cameras at once by receiving and encoding the video in real-time. Features of JaxCam is that it support all USB cameras, simultaneous recording from multiple cameras, live video and images broadcasting , custom area for motion detection, various modes of alarm alert, provide event scheduler and manage captured video. Download it just now.

6. Vitamin D Video

webcam are fun to use. We use webcam for chatting with friends, video calling, video conferencing etc. But now Vitamin D a home security device can be used to surveillance system for your office and home. Now you can detect any part of your home and office and find the problem.  It is very good as detected virtually every movement you make in front of the camera, even from some distance of about 6 meters, sometimes it didn’t recognize you as people. At that time it marked you as ‘objects‘or ‘unknown‘. Just enjoy the VitaminD video.

7. SecureCam

If you need a close observation for your home and office, Securecam is a right choice for you. The motion triggered recording can be activated in SecureCam with a single click and you can customize its parameters in detail. SecureCam allows you to flip the image either horizontally or vertically and add a rotation angle by selecting the desired value form a drop-down menu. Enjoy SecureCam by downloading it.

8. Active Webcam

Active WebCam is almost fun and versatile. It detects, monitors, and records video from any video source like including USB webcam , analog cameras connected to video capture cards, FireWire video feeds, TV card output, and networked cameras. It can broadcast real-time audio and video to your Web browser or another copy of Active WebCam. Active Webcam can be downloaded for free form this link. That why Active webcam is considered as the best home security device.

9. Security Spy

SecuritySpy will enable you to quickly set up an effective video surveillance (CCTV) system for your. Major advantage of using SecuritySpy is the Remote Viewing feature, that allows you to access your surveillance system over the internet or over a local network using a web browser. SecuritySpy is so flexible that it allows you to set up a system tailored for your individual needs. That means you can have SecuritySpy for both domestic and business purposes. Click the link and install it.

10. Xeoma Video

Xeoma Video a home security device, provides video surveillance solution with set principle and unlimited flexibility. No installation and no admin privileges required. You can keep eye on your kids, security, servants etc. So insatll Xeoma Video and have a owl eyes on your home. You can download it for free from the mentioned link.

How did you like our webcam A home security device from app for PC blog. Share your comments in the comment box. Have fun and enjoy the day ahead :) :)

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I am a tech-savvy person who likes to share his knowledge to make this world a little better. Why don't you help me in this goal and send me some of your knowledge to share with others? I promise I will appropriately reciprocate.

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