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Android Apps for PC

We all know how Android apps have swept the market away from other platforms. With this there came a large demand to run those apps on PCs. While some of the Android apps were ported to computers, most of them were not created to run on a Windows or Mac PC. We took the initiative and today we have hundreds of apps, literally, ported to PC.

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Utility Apps for PC

You cannot enjoy your PCs if you do not have the utility Apps installed on it. Computers unequivocally make you more productive, but if you install these utility apps on your computer, it will run like a marathon champ increasing your productivity exponentially. We curate such apps, including apps for health and music, and add them to our website for your ease of access and download.

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All for Gamers

If you are a gamer there is nothing more than a fresh dose of games every week created per your needs. We follow you guys and we ask you to tell us about yourself. We then go out and search like crazy to find games that you will love. Be it an Android based game such as Temple run for PC or Candy Crush Saga, we have you covered.

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Safety and Security

Computers are always at the target of hackers, where they install scripts and software that can hurt your PC and your data stored on your hard drive. We talk about all new security threats and apps that could protect your PC from such threats. There are even some worms and viruses for Mac laptops and thus we talk about tools for all platforms.

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Customer Testimonials

  • I have saved over $1000 I would otherwise spend on stupid softwares. I came to App for PCs looking for Microsoft Office alternatives and their post was a godsend. Not only I saved money on Office package but I have now used about $1000 that I would have wasted on software from college bookstore. As a broke student, I love App for PCs. Love - Liz.
    Liz Meadows, UG Student, UT Austin
  • Whenever I need some information on apps for my Mac or windows PC I come to App for PCs. These guys know their stuff and have never disappointed me. I have subscribed to their feed for few years now and will continue for years to come. God bless
    Arnold Goldberg
  • App for PC has been one of my favorite sites since I joined college. I was never a phone person, but my friends wanted to keep up using WhatsApp. I was frantically looking for an alternative to investing in phone and this post by App for PC came handy. I have since been a fan of App for PC and appreciate the good work they do. Thank you guys.
    Raven Mondo

Viber for PC

Viber for PC was first found by us and brought to our users about two years ago. We have since been pioneers of bringing new games and apps to our users.

Temple Run for PC

Temple run for PC is one of our popular Apps, it has gotten thousands of likes and comments from our readers. If you are a fan of this game, you will love it on your Windows or Mac computer.

Best PC Apps

We are the award winning blog for reviewing the best apps for PCs ahead of others. We are always looking for the next big app. If you are an app developer, contact us to have your app reviewed on App for PCs.

WhatsApp for PC

WhatsApp for PC is now possible with this easy to follow tutorial. You will be able to enjoy WhatsApp on your Mac and Windows laptops. Have fun and stop depending on your phone to get WhatsApp for PC.