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Top 10 App For Entrepreneurs Who Are Busy

Entrepreneurs are the one who start their own business and handle their business by themselves with own profit and own loss. Entrepreneurs are increasing in much extent, reason behind this is that people need success, money and status very fast. People also become Entrepreneurs because they want high profile status at early stage of life. Starting a business requires the entrepreneur to understand a variety of aspects and need to do hard work, but with the help of apps that we have discussed below can be more efficient and easier to manage. There may be variety of administrative, financial, and technical details that need to be worked out in order for a business to succeed. So many Entrepreneurs find it difficult part to get right way and process to have smooth and easy success of business. Today we are here to explain you that what are the top 10 app for busy Entrepreneurs, which would be helpful for them.

Top 10 App For Entrepreneurs

Here we are going to discuss in detail about the top 10 App for Entrepreneurs. By using these app in their daily business life, it would be easy for them to manage all data and files of business. Not taking much of your time, let’s move on to the top 10 app for busy Entrepreneurs;

1. DropBox: Today business have to share file, documents with their clients, vendors, suppliers, business partners. So it very much difficult to share files quickly, but if you use Dropbox, you can send any files, documents to other party in few seconds. This app is free to download and you can access it for free from internet. Now you don’t have to worry about a lost email, misplaced fax, or depending on a courier service. Everything you need is right there when you need it from internet. This is first App for Entrepreneurs


2. UberConference: If you have to make conference call to other countries than it would be good if you use UberConference app to make conference call. This UberConference app can be used on any phone, including smart phones and land lines. This app will help you to makes it almost foolproof to schedule, or be a part of, a conference call.

3. Genius Scan: You may still remember the day when you run to the scan shop to scan the document and send it to the clients and other supplier, vendors etc. Buying scan machine was very expensive for you to buy and keep in the office. But now you can scan the document very easily and in few minutes with Genius Scan app, that can be downloaded on any Smartphone and Android phone. This app is portable scanner that sits right on your smart phone and allows you to scan and send documents as a PDF.

4. Thunderbird:  If your company need to have more than 1 E-mail account, then it would be difficult for the you to access all account daily and reply mails from different accounts. Thunderbird is the app that will help you to keep all your email accounts accessed in one place.  Each account is kept separate, yet there is one login and one place to look at your various accounts.

5. Evernote: Next App For Entrepreneurs is Evernote. Every business need more than one document editing software with them. Evernote is one of the best app for Smartphone and Android phone that allows you to have that ability on the go. This Evernote app is in direct synchronization with the cloud, and allows you to access your files wherever you are and even edit them on the go, ensuring that you are always providing accurate information across the board.

6. Asana: Today project management is very much important for Entrepreneurs, this management helps them to delegate, accept, review and comment on the project. One of the best project management app is Asana, where everyone can work on single page. You do not need to have multiple emails or phone calls, everyone can log in, comment, and complete tasks and everyone on the project will instantly be on the same page.

7. PayMo: Entrepreneurs have to work a lot and spend their most of the time in increasing business. Time is considered as money for business man, they can not waste their time anywhere. If you forget that where you have spend your time then PayMo is of the best app that allows you to calculate your time spent on each client’s project, enabling you to invoice accurately as well as manage your time appropriately. One of the best App for Entrepreneurs is PayMo.

8. Square: If Entrepreneurs business requires to take payments wherever they need, it would be good to have Square. The card reader is plug and play and gives business owners the instant ability to take credit card payments anywhere. The funds are typically available the next business day and you can provide receipts just like a brick and mortar store.

9. Google Wallet: People who don’t like to take their business credit card with them every time, Google wallet is one of the best option with them. This app helps you to store your business credit card in Google wallet. When you need to pay for something, you have to simply use your device to pay.

10. Photosynth: Last but not the least App for Entrepreneurs is Photosynth. Sometime you need to take a picture to visualize something. Photosynth is one of the best app that you should keep with yourself, this app allows you to stitch pictures together to get a full view of a prospective venue, building, or any other space for which you need to remember its layout in the future.

This is all about the Top 10 App for Entrepreneurs. Give us your valuable comments and feedback for the same. If you wish you can also share other App for Entrepreneurs that you think are important. You can share this post with your friends and relatives who run their own business. Have a good day and have fun :) :)

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I am a tech-savvy person who likes to share his knowledge to make this world a little better. Why don't you help me in this goal and send me some of your knowledge to share with others? I promise I will appropriately reciprocate.

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