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How to Download Viber For Mac Using Almost The Same Method As Viber For PC

Our tutorial on how to Download Viber for PC has been getting some good love from you guys and hence we decided that it was time to expand the tutorial series to Viber for Mac. In this tutorial we download and install Viber app on Mac from scratch. We will start with nothing but a browser such as Safari on our Mac and we stop at working copy of Viber on our Mac. Even though you are installing it on a different operating system than Windows, you do not have to learn anything new in terms of operating Viber as we will be installing it on an Android emulator which means the platform will be similar to Viber for Android …

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Viber for PC – frequently asked questions (FAQs)

First of all, let me thank all the readers for sharing their thoughts with me. I am glad that a lot of you were able to download Viber for PC using my method. However, I also see a few comments where a few of you couldn’t download Viber on your PCs even though you followed all of the steps to download Viber for PC. Today, I will answer most of the common questions that have baffled you guys. First of all, I would like to tell you that I have downloaded Viber on my PC and it is working just fine without any issues. I am sure you will be able to get it too. Question: I installed Viber for …

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